About us




Yuvanta is a brand that handcrafts beaded accessories by
Sneha Prabeen 


For eons woman have been told to camouflage their bra straps . Sneha through her most loved product 'Beaded Bra Straps ' is trying to bring a behavioural shift in the mindset of people that it is fine to #Showyourstraps .


While you do so, why not add a little but of style quotient to it ?


The brand was initiated in 2012 and each piece of our work tells a story .


The Yuvanta logo was inspired by the butterfly - Far from being a flighty, fluffy symbol - the symbolism of the butterfly is about profound changes of the soul. It also represents the transition each piece of accessory goes through - by transforming something that is unrecognisable at the start to a quirky piece of art.


Start your tryst with beads today !